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Explore the northest Lapland

Lapland and the northern wilderness brings up images of northern lights, beautiful sights and reindeer. This is exactly what Lapland offers at its best, and we will arrange that experience for you.

We at Lapland Outdoor tailor unique safaris, tours and trips for groups of all sizes. Our local guides know the terrain and weather of the northern hemisphere so you can focus on enjoying your overall experience.

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The summer in Lapland offers true magic that has to be experienced! The nightless night of Lapland is a example if its exotique. Get to know the lakes of Northern Lapland, the unforgettable fells and clean forests with us.


Do you want to enjoy the silence and beauty of Lapland’s nature on your own pace? You can also rent our quality equipment, kayaks, canoes and twin kayaks. Rental prices includes relevant packing and safety equipment. For longer rental times, kindly ask for a quote.


Whether you dream of the unspoiled wilderness and fells of Finnish Lapland, or the Norwegian king crab waters, we will organize your adventure in north. Come experience the beauty of Lapland yourself!

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